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Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017
I like and interested in your work as I hope to be hepled,thanks
Pankaj kumar said:
Thursday, 31 Aug 2017
Hi, we are seeking for school building fund and school teaching materials,if any one interesting to helps indian children ,please contact us.
Brhane said:
Monday, 17 Jul 2017
First of all I would like to thank you, Iam from Ethiopia, I finished BSc degree in computer sceince and I get the scholarship to china but I have no enought money for my visa so I want to get sponsor for my visa. I kindly tell you that if any ogrganization help me ,later I will work for that organizetion.
Jeison said:
Thursday, 13 Apr 2017
Hello my name is Jeison and I am glad to hear about this Education Funding Charity. Yes it is a great job indeed.Big thanks you guys,
Enockl said:
Thursday, 30 Mar 2017
Thank you for allowing me to register.Iam a young man ,a Malawian by nationality looking for assistance of tuition fees.currently iam pursuing a course in industrial laboratory technology at polytechnic which is one of the colleges in the university of Malawi.am looking forward to hearing from you
SALISU said:
Wednesday, 29 Mar 2017
Joan said:
Saturday, 25 Mar 2017
I need your help ,am requesting for a sponsor to take me through my health course at the University.Thanks
LUCIA said:
Thursday, 23 Jun 2016
Morning? Am glad to met you.It is nice.Honestly, I support you and congratulate you for your good work..kindly,i need help from you as far as fees is concerned. I appreciate you.thank you
SARAH said:
Sunday, 19 Jun 2016
Hello, I am a school headteacher and am so delighted that I found this website, I hope to one day get a grant for my school. Thanks
Blessing said:
Thursday, 17 Sep 2015
I like the massege from your programm. am mother and to be help with my kids school fees please thanks
Friday, 3 Apr 2015
Frank said:
Tuesday, 23 Sep 2014
Hey! I was looking someone to help me to fullfill my dream of becoming a laboratory techniquer. Thanks
Jessica said:
Tuesday, 26 Nov 2013
I am a Liberian operating a charity organization in Liberia and faced with financial problem. I would like to apply for funding. Please guide me through the process. Thanks, Jessica Barpaye
Toti Jean Marc said:
Friday, 27 Sep 2013
Hi ! Thank you very much for what you do for the disabled students . You know the african continent is a country dominated by many problems so the people live plight in their daily life ! In this case what could the case of disabled people , they are suffering doubly , that's why , I would like to invite you to get a good glance toward them !!!!!!!!!!!
Francis said:
Tuesday, 9 Oct 2012
Impressed with the work you are doing to help the needy.
Alex said:
Friday, 7 Sep 2012
You are doing a great job may GOD almight empower you the more.
Emmanuel said:
Friday, 7 Sep 2012
I need someone to sponsor me so that I can contiune with my studies because my parents. Separated when I was young which has caused a great damage in my education but both operation in small scale businesses which can only help us feed the family. So I will be gratefull if am helped
Adam said:
Wednesday, 11 Jul 2012
I found this information very useful to me so please tell me how can I get education loan though I am studing in my country tanzania?
Jimmy said:
Tuesday, 10 Jul 2012
Thank you so much for this great oppotunity you about to grant me for am beginning to hope gain. After my A'level did know that I could continue with university education since my dad of accident and mother is always sick in bed. I pray her life GOD!
Nicky said:
Monday, 2 Jul 2012
An exciting websit, very informative. I woll look forward to the news letter!
Nadeem said:
Monday, 12 Sep 2011
This is Nadeem Harry from Karachi Pakistan, due to some financially problems I couldn't continue my education, if you are gonna help me then I SHALL BE VERY THANKFUL TO YOU THANKS
BAKARY said:
Thursday, 11 Aug 2011
I am looking for sponsor to paid my course fees in Gambia Technical Training Institute.Where I am studying . And I am in my third year enrollment to study computer engineering.Your assistance is highly needed at this juncture . Thank you for your kind attention.
Basilisa said:
Wednesday, 10 Aug 2011
I really like this page, and I hope I will get a financial help from here with my studies
Casper said:
Wednesday, 20 Jul 2011
Great I find some resources of some assistance.
Malak said:
Saturday, 2 Apr 2011
I'm a palestinian student> I really dream to study master of English in the uk or other foreign countries like Malaysia> Please help me financially Thank you
GEORGE said:
Wednesday, 29 Dec 2010
Kheak said:
Friday, 10 Dec 2010
I'm living in Luang prabang Loas and I was finished high school and I would like to continue study in University the subject is Economics but my parents can not suport me for study and I try and to manage by my self but is not enough. Could you please help me I'm look forward to hear from you Khek Your sincerely,
Shibiru said:
Tuesday, 3 Aug 2010
I am a post graduate student in Ethiopia.if ur organization help me in material and finance I hope I am going to be a good researcher. thanks.
Sandie said:
Friday, 23 Jul 2010
Very interesting site with lots of valuable information
EMILY said:
Thursday, 15 Jul 2010
Thanks for thegood work you are doing by making sure people realise thier dreams.
Elda said:
Friday, 2 Jul 2010
I am really a needy one,from kenya pursuing a degree in actuarial science.I request for your updates,if I can get a chance.thank you.
Ahmed said:
Tuesday, 15 Jun 2010
Thank you for your web site, i want to open an account for my children's because I want him to study in the futures in uk,please send to me hall the documents and the informations to fill it and send it back to you. thanks
Karamjit said:
Sunday, 30 May 2010
Out of school hour activity that is very good but if is for where kids want to go,some kids want to go for learning center some want to go for fun,eg : my daughter aim is very high she want to go explore learning center but I cant afford....thanks for all
Mohamed mire said:
Wednesday, 12 May 2010
Yeah I need your help as soon as you can thanks
Senarathna said:
Saturday, 8 May 2010
Thanks a lot
Jean-FĂ©lix said:
Saturday, 20 Feb 2010
Thank you to give me this chance of to get a sponsor for studies
Erasto said:
Friday, 22 Jan 2010
Thank for your assistance to let me join on this matter,thank you
Lambert said:
Wednesday, 30 Dec 2009
I would like to thank you for all your programs. Its good to help and I my self I need your help. Thanks very much keep it up. Waiting for reply. Mulindwa Lambert.
Ezekiel said:
Thursday, 12 Nov 2009
Most of African`students fail to acquire High Education due to the lack of Funds. With your Newsletter,I expect to learn a lot about Funding Education, Thanks Ezekiel Masanja
Mik said:
Wednesday, 16 Sep 2009
I just want news on funding opportunities for higher education and other interesting issues.
Lotfi said:
Thursday, 3 Sep 2009
Hello the website is very interesting but I would like to help me how can I apply for the international student help fund
Olufunsho said:
Friday, 24 Apr 2009
L want a university education in UK that is less expensive as an international students and can afford me to work and study with my husband since he is the only family l have for now. l am an orphan but l want to make a success in life by all means. thanks anticipating your help very soon
Nelson said:
Sunday, 15 Mar 2009
I'm the Chairperson of Graceland Edinationa Trust and we're running a co- ed school- GraceAcademy. Could you sendinformation of agencies that fund the construction of schools? Thanks
Martin said:
Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009
What about people that wants to school in the usa, would you fund my educational bills. I would pay back after graduation. thanks.
Carlo said:
Saturday, 17 Jan 2009
I would like you to help me get more information about your sponsership and how to apply .i'll appritiate greatly and also am grateful to know you.
Friday, 5 Dec 2008
Friday, 28 Nov 2008
I am a third year university student offering physics in Ghana but I am finding things very difficult to handle data in my practicals. I would be very happy if you could help me get somebody or a company who can help me get a laptop of any kind for my data analysis, Thank you.
Emma said:
Wednesday, 25 Jun 2008
I am looking for some lessons with a home tutor as I am not enjoying and relly getting on at school at the moment for my last year I would like a tutor.