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Education With Company Sponsorship

By: Sarah O'Hara BA (hons) - Updated: 19 Nov 2017 | comments*Discuss
Education Student Sponsorship

Student sponsorship is available for a wide range of education courses, but most commonly for higher education courses. Sponsorship is when you work with a company whilst studying. In return the company pays your course fees and/or a bursary towards your maintenance costs while you study.

Students may be sponsored throughout their whole course or just part of it. Commonly, students are sponsored for the final year of their course.

Courses and Sponsorship

Technically any course is eligible for sponsorship funding. However, the reality is that some types of courses are more likely to attract sponsorship financing than others. Sectors which are particularly likely to attract sponsorship include:

  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Sciences
  • Business

Why Do Businesses Offer Student Sponsorship?

Obviously in the profit-driven world of business, companies are unlikely to pay for students’ courses purely out of the goodness of their hearts. So, what’s in it for sponsors?

There are, in fact, lots of benefits to companies.

Sponsorship schemes allow businesses to attract and develop talented students. If they spot someone with talent they have a headstart on possibly attracting them as employees later.

Even if students who are sponsored don’t go on to work for the sponsor later, the business still gets the benefit of their skills and knowledge for a limited period. Businesses will only sponsor students they believe are talented.

If you are thinking of working for a business sponsor later on, a sponsorship arrangement allows them to start developing the skills they need whilst you are still studying.

A sponsorship arrangement allows both the student and the sponsor to have practical experience of a working arrangement before they make a full commitment.

Finding Student Sponsorship

Sadly, there is no one-stop shop for finding sponsorship. There are plenty of places you can look though.

University websites and department sites are worth checking out. Some businesses have relationships with specific universities. If there’s no information on the website, it’s worth a quick call to the admissions officer about possible sponsorship opportunities for the course you are interested in.

If there is a particular company you’re interested in being sponsored by/working for your first port of call should be their website as they may advertise sponsorship and funding opportunities there.

However, it’s also worth noting that not all sponsorship opportunities are advertised. Some companies may not be averse to the idea of sponsorship, but they will wait for applications rather than advertising general opportunities. A well-timed speculative letter or phone call could work wonders.

Finally, do check job pages of newspapers and industry publications regularly.

When to Start Applying

If you want sponsorship for your full course, you’ll need to start looking and applying around the same time as you send in your UCAS application.

If you are just interested in final year sponsorship or mid-course sponsorship it’s advisable to start your applications around a year before you expect the sponsorship to begin.

A Final Note….

It isn’t true that a sponsorship means that you are tied into working for the sponsor company when you graduate. This is not normally something either the company or the student would want. Businesses usually want to see people in action on the job before they decide whether to offer them a permanent job.

However, in a minority of cases some form of future commitment will be a condition of sponsorship, so always make sure you clarify any terms and conditions before you agree to a sponsorship.

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Hai,am charity from zambia currently in my third year at the university but i have run out of funds.there us no one to sponsor me but i really have to finish my program next year.i will be glad if anyone is willing to help me out
Titee - 8-Nov-17 @ 12:08 PM
I'm a student of Queensland university of Technology in Brisben. Course: Bachelor of Engineering Major: Electrical and Aerospace Minors: Robotics and Software I am looking for a sponsorship or grant to pay my next two years tuition fees. Objectives; Perform as an innovative engineer with my full commitment while adding value to the organisation and country. Your help would be very greatly appreciated.Thankyou
Kasun - 7-Oct-17 @ 1:53 AM
Iam Zambian studying pharmaceutical science degree .I have managed to reach in 3rd year remaining with one year but i 've run out of funds.I need help for tuition fees to complete my studies.i will be grateful when someone considers my request.Geo
Geo - 16-Sep-17 @ 4:22 PM
Hae,Am Wanjala Amos,a Kenyan citizen,I did my form four in the year 2015,I did not manage to join any college or university due to poverty that sorounds me,am single orphan,i intended to study business management or IT but I lucked money,if i can be able to find company or individuals to have mercy on me and pay for me school fees and willwork for him/her or the company in return if willing.Good day be blessed
Amoh - 14-Sep-17 @ 3:12 PM
Good day. I am a Nigerian. My dream/greatest passion is to study music production.I spend my free time writing songs and going to the studio to record them within my capacity. Unfortunately,I do not have the one time tuition fee of N1.5m for the Grand Producer Diploma (18months) for the program at Tenstrings Music Institute in Nigeria, which will qualify me for a direct entry into SAE Institute in the UK, where I will spend just one more year and earn a degree in audio engineeri I will be most grateful for a financial support/sponsorship to enable me fulfil my dream. Thanking you in advance.
malone - 10-Sep-17 @ 9:29 AM
(John Mwape )Am a male aged 21 a single orphan and am looking for a sponsorship I have been selected at Eden University to do clinical medicine and I will be very greatful if someone considers my request
mwajo - 31-Aug-17 @ 8:17 PM
Iam a Kenyan from a poor family I studied in a day school in our village and I was the first to score a B in the school and also the best student in the year 2011 I have been looking for a sponsor n it was all in vain. I request for any company willing to pay for my education (electrical engendering) and I work there am ready to do any job. Thank you .God bless you
Tito - 13-Aug-17 @ 6:55 PM
Hi am rosy I seek for a sponsor to helpto study mba in uk Its the only way i can become a professional I will be grateful when someone contacts me. Thank you and God bless
Rosy - 13-Aug-17 @ 11:30 AM
Hi am erogo isaac, a graduate in accounting and finance. I seek for a sponsor to help me pursue the accounting professional course of ACCA here in uganda. Its the only way i can become a professional accountant. I will be grateful when someone contacts me. Thank you and God bless
Chaplain - 12-Aug-17 @ 5:36 AM
hi am Charles from Tanzania I need help for tuition fees is 1500$ that may helpme to complete my nursing &midwives of two years and I will help other people as you are help me! thank
mele - 11-Aug-17 @ 1:48 PM
Hi am abonge from Uganda would love to get financial help & do My diploma in dentistry starting this august 2017 thx
d'vokalman - 26-Jul-17 @ 10:52 PM
Hi am from Kenya and am so much interested with this sponsorship
Monique - 17-Jul-17 @ 1:11 PM
I'm a 23 years old Tanzanian. I'm kindly asking for a sponsorship in my pharmaceutical science diploma studies. I've managed to pay the fee to begin my first term but I'm out of funds. Since I'm abit lagging behind and getting older I was for a sponsorship atleast for my diploma only. Thanks
Steph - 7-Jul-17 @ 3:16 PM
from Tanzania am looking for sponsorship for my studies
conant eret - 10-Apr-17 @ 5:03 PM
i am a university student taking Bsc. Catering and Hotel management from a humble background looking for a sponsor to help me in my studies in kenya or abroad... thank you.
rubberducky - 10-Apr-17 @ 1:40 PM
Hallo, I am Collins staying in Mombasa Kenya. I would like to get sponsorship to finish my Diploma in Airport Operation at Mombasa Aviation Training Institute which takes 1 year. I am struggling to pay my fees as i come from a humble background. Thank you.
SAMCO - 10-Apr-17 @ 8:39 AM
I'm Tanzanian, I would like to be assisted in my Postgraduate in social work at Open university of Tanzania, it is one year programed cost 1500USD$,I came from a poor family who not able to finance my study, and i dint have any employment to raise income to finance my study, i would like to get knowledge to enhance the development of the community, Thanks for the opportunity of introduce of sponsorship education to help us and be Blessed,Thank you in Advance
MIKA - 9-Apr-17 @ 6:52 PM
Hello! my name is Anderson Quibuco Gregorio i am here humbly and hopefully asking for your financial assistance, support and charity by helpingme to continue with my studies at Africa University from August 2017 to 2018 Academic Year. Therefore, I want to study because this is the only way I can help my family to get out from the poverty. In addition, I hope to be an intellectual person in the society and be able to develop my country, specializing in Public Administrator or Management.I am very sure that if you give me any opportunity to study I will totally maximize if you give me any chance. God bless you on your kind consideration. Yours Faithfully Anderson Quibuco Gregorio
Quibuco - 9-Apr-17 @ 3:58 PM
am in need of yourhep, may God be with you .
mbukta - 6-Apr-17 @ 5:08 PM
I am a Kenyan Lady from a very poor background a high school leaver looking for a sponsor to fully fund my higher education fees. Your consideration will be fully appreciated, thank you in advance.
stacy - 5-Apr-17 @ 9:43 AM
I am a kenyan high school leaver from a very poor family. I am looking for a sponsor who can fund my higher education fees. I have tried to work to raise school fees but the saving is too low to pay any college fees. I look forward to see my dreams valid by getting help from anyone who's generous. Thank you in advance
stacy - 5-Apr-17 @ 9:36 AM
am kemmy an orphan worked so har d to earn my high school certificate ...trying to push my self into campus but it has really become hard ,my hustle of selling groundnuts is rather handful to keep me awake...looking for a sponser to make my dreams valid
kemmy - 4-Apr-17 @ 7:22 PM
I am a Ugandan looking for a sponsor to sponsor my bsc in automotive engineering in USA, UK or any other country , I will be so greatful, God bless you
jamy - 4-Apr-17 @ 3:15 PM
I need a company to sponsor my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management. I got admitted at Husson Units in Maine USA, your assistance will be highly appreciated since I can't afford to fund myself because of family problems.
Techna - 3-Apr-17 @ 10:41 AM
Hello,Am a Ugandan looking for a sponsorship in my diploma in agriculture. I studied my certificate where I was the one paying my tuition but going to diploma has become a very big problem because I have failed to raise the tuition
ezon ezon - 1-Apr-17 @ 9:47 AM
I live In kampala uganda I am congolese I need some one to sponsor my scholarship call me on +256756735843
musafiri - 31-Mar-17 @ 12:23 PM
Am a Kenyan and I come from a poor family, i have struggled a lot to seek employment to continue my studies but i have found none. I differed from university of Nairobi undertaking a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering on my third year second semester because i could not afford to pay fees. Am very creative and innovative and here i seek help even if it will be a loan i will much appreciate. I don't need to be given the money rather please pay to the university and my studies will continue. in case you need more information contact me. may God bless you.
kigz - 29-Mar-17 @ 7:45 PM
I am from Uganda admitted for a health course at Cavendish University but am having a problem of finance since i am singly parented and i have siblings who are going to school too.i will be very grateful if you consider my request.Thanks
Nitah K - 25-Mar-17 @ 8:55 PM
Hello, I am 18 years old from Kenya. I recently got admitted to McGill University in Canada to take Computer Scence for my undergraduate studies but due yo financial constrains my family cannot be able to raise the required fee. I am therefore looking for sponsorship or funding for my studies. Thank you.
Celine - 25-Mar-17 @ 1:16 PM
I am a Grade 12 leaver and has met the criteria for the scholarship in China, The cousr fee for undergraduates is USD$4000- USD$-5000, however I am financially handicapped and looking for someone with good Heart to help.. Thank you
Vicky - 25-Mar-17 @ 4:47 AM
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